Change your squat routine to sculpt your legs in 6 weeks!

Have you been stuck in the the same routine doing the same squats not getting the results you want? These 6 exercises are meant to vary your routine up and work your muscles in ways that haven’t been targeted before. From inner thighs to glutes to outer thighs. Each squat has a specific target area. I would recommend doing 4 sets of 10 to get enough volume and changing the squat each consecutive week.

The 6 squats are:

  1. Zercher Squat (great core work.. front squat variation burning the quads)
  2. Hack Squat (Getting that stubborn butt to make gains)
  3. Split Squat (Great for targeting each leg individually )
  4. Bear Hug Squat  ( A fun squat that takes a lot of core that involves a sandbag)
  5. Sumo Squat (Tired of not seeing the results you want on the adductor machine? .. use this squat!
  6. Close Stance Squat  (Works those outer thighs opposed to the sumo Squat working the inner thighs!)


Please leave a reply if you want a video of these ! 🙂

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Josh Beck V2My name is Josh Beck and I started out with a love in fitness early on during my youth, participating in various sports and it soon became a passion. One thing that sets me apart is my caring attitude for my clients who can speak for that later on down the page and obviously their results. Sometimes working out for some people is not the most fun thing but it always helps when you can have someone who can motivate you and work well with your personality.

I am currently working with approximately 60 clients and have worked with many different people ranging from a 80 year old with 2 knee replacements to Mitchell Van Dyk at Portland State University who is now with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

I have the philosophy that we are in this together. I am a reflection of you and you are a reflection of me. We will strive for success. My education is from Purdue University with a degree in Movement and Sport Science and a personal training certification from American Council on Exercise.

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